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Video Production & Editing:

Our newest division: Video - AffordableConsulting.com was growing frustrated at the rising costs of having quality video produced for our customers. What started out as existing clients wanting to showcase video on their website has now turned into a fully functional production studio and editing staff.  We also have the equipment to conduct remote shoots in a way that is minimally evasive to your business operations.

AffordableConsulting.com can provide full video pre- through post-production services AND we have the experience in Advertising and Marketing to insure you get results.  What's more here is that we can combine our years of experience in marketing our clients - what works and what doesn't and deploy micro-targeting systems to help you key in on finding the right customers for your business.  Too many video production houses concentrate on impressing themselves and completely forget about who the client is trying to impress.  We solve that problem.

Here are a few of the projects we have provided services to…

Louisiana Technical College was striving to find a new way to reach out to prospective students and their parents to showcase the amazing Educational services they provide. They had a limited budget but wanted to outreach to various but a very target specific market of potential students. Having just completed their Phase II of this program we are very happy with the results as well as the products we have produced.


Phase I – in phase one we wanted to talk with and follow students at LTC which represented the various career paths offered at LTC. We conducted casting calls where we interviewed well over 40 students at various campus locations throughout Acadiana. Working with LTC we cast the project with two main students and then several supporting ones. At roll out we delivered over 24 “mini-episodes” that appeared in numerous places through the internet as well as on local TV. These were REAL students talking about their REAL experiences as Students in various stages of their education and the result was amazing.


Phase II – in this phase we wanted to reach out to the business community to show them what a benefit it was to them to partner with LTC. We spoke with many business leaders throughout Acadiana who have successfully partnered with LTC and hit on the multiple benefits they are enjoying. As we were casting this phase we noticed that two of our business leaders were products of LTC – keying in on that we were able to tell some very powerful stories of success – that started at LTC.

All of the supporting pieces were also produced by us - :30 and :60 commercials for both TV and Radio, Print ads, Web ads, Micro-Targeting ads and the like all rounded out this project that allowed the folks at LTC to have a ONE STOP SHOPPING experience at a fraction of the cost of other firms.

View the project at www.CheckOutLTC.com


In an effort to have something to showcase the catering services offered by Joey’s – we developed a stand-alone video with custom music that showcases the high quality catering services offered by Joey.  Attention to detail and making your wedding day perfect is hard to illustrate in words or in static images – and with all the bridal shows – Joey wanted something that he could use not only in his store but also at these shows to illustrate their work.  Here is what we produced for them.






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